Guide to Local Schools in Celina

Courtney Benson Group September 6, 2022

Guide to Local Schools in Celina

Located 45 miles north of Dallas but technically still part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Celina is home to just under 17,000 residents. Celina originally gained fame in the Dallas area for being the first gigabit city in Texas.
If you’re looking at homes for sale in Celina, TX, but you’re not sure about what Celina schools your children might end up going to, keep reading. Celina belongs to the highly-rated Celina Independent School District, and the schools here don’t just serve the Celina area but cover nearly 100 square miles and include students from Collin and Denton counties.
If you are an incoming resident looking at new homes or a long-term resident who is planning to expand your family in the near future, read on for some expert guidance about schools in Celina.

Celina Primary School

507 E Malone Street

Celina Primary School
is the only Celina school for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. This school is a bilingual and Title 1 campus and has a highly-rated early childhood special education program for students that require it. Because there is just one public primary school in the area, this is the institution your young kids will go to unless you opt for a private option.
According to the parent guide, there are approximately 360 students enrolled at Celina Primary. They only accept children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old, which is fairly unique for a public school. Everything the school does is focused on that age group, which makes for a great learning experience catered to the needs of young minds.
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Lykins Elementary School

550 S Utah Drive

Celina schools have two elementary choices: Lykins and O’Dell. Lykins Elementary School takes 1st through 5th grade students. If you’re not familiar with the name, it may be because it recently changed. In 2020, Celina schools changed the name from “Celina Elementary School” to honor Marcy B. Lykins, a long-time educator in the district.
Lykins Elementary is ranked within the top half of elementary schools in Texas, with approximately 14 students per teacher. The school’s official Facebook page shows how active and involved the teachers and administration are with the students and community, and each year, they host a variety of community activities and events to better connect with Celina.

O’Dell Elementary School

750 Punk Carter Parkway

Those who buy homes for sale in Celina, TX, can also send their young children to O’Dell Elementary School. The school services students in 1st through 5th grade, and there are just under 550 students on average each year. O’Dell Elementary has a student-teacher ratio of 15:1, which is on par for the state.
Students here consistently perform above average compared to other students in the state when it comes to reading, math, writing, and science. They also tend to show more improvement year over year compared to other schools outside Celina.

Moore Middle School

300 E GA Moore Parkway

Moore Middle School
is the only public middle school for Celina residents. Moore Middle School services students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade only. This small grade range means that students receive more individual attention and education.
This school is nearly brand new, having just opened in 2022. The new facility is over 200,000 square feet and has new classroom designs to help facilitate more intimate group learning sessions. There’s also outdoor seating for lunch times, and there have been major upgrades to the STEM educational areas. This new facility shows a lot of promise and should provide a great learning environment for kids in the area.
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Celina High School

3455 N Preston Road

Celina High School
is the only public high school option for Celina teens and is overall a very well-reviewed school. There is an excellent AP program that over 40% of students take part in, and students perform better in both reading and science than the rest of the state.
The high school has several sports for students to participate in, such as golf, soccer, swimming, tennis, and cross country. There are also numerous clubs that kids can join, including a robotics club, a science club, and even a fishing team.

Private Schools in Celina

There are several private schools just outside of Celina for residents to consider. In Prosper, Texas, about 10 minutes away from most Celina schools, is Prestonwood Christian Academy North. This private school covers all grades, from pre-k to high school, and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. 
Founders Classical Academy is also in Prosper and is a charter elementary and middle school with a focus on traditional education methods. Founders Classical Academy is not a private school but provides a similar education and experience. Students must apply, but there are no tuition fees and no academic requirements.
In Frisco, Texas, approximately 25 minutes south of Celina, is Legacy Christian Academy. This private school has three campuses in Frisco that teach pre-k through high school. Legacy Christian Academy also offers dual credit courses with John Brown University, and 100% of Legacy high school students were accepted into colleges or universities upon graduation.

Moving to Celina?

Celina is a great little town just outside of Dallas with a lot to offer growing families. It has a lot of community pride, and it’s close enough to Plano and Dallas to have access to everything you could want or need from a larger city. For many people, buying Celina, TX real estate is the best way to escape the larger Dallas area while still staying close to big-city amenities and excitement.
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